Labor and Relation

Topics: Employment, Subject, Bargaining Pages: 3 (357 words) Published: December 3, 2011
Why would TAs, RAs, and proctors want union representation?


2.What rights would TAs, RAs, and proctors have if the NLRB rules they are ‘‘employees’’ under the NLRA?  


3.To what extent do employees have the right to express their support for the union on the job? In this case of Gomez wearing the button in a nonpublic area during his meal break in my opinion should be allowed. He was supporting the union during his time that he is not an employee with Wingfield Hotel. I think it would be wrong to wear the button during the time that he is working for Wingfield Hotel due to the fact that he comes in contact with the public and Wingfield has established a dress code for the company. According to our text it states that special circumstances justify the restriction of union insignia or any apparel that represent the union.  

4. Must illegal conduct occur in order to overturn the results of a union representation election?  
5. If company provided bulletin boards are provided at the work place, does the employer have a right to restrict the purpose or type of material posted on such boards?  
6. In this case, did the Employer unlawfully deny union supporters access to use company bulletin boards for union solicitation purposes? Explain your reasoning.  
    7.Can a union waive its right to bargain over a mandatory subject of bargaining?     
8.Was management's refusal to bargain over the subject of surveillance camera usage in the work place a violation of the duty to bargain in good faith under the LMRA, as amended? If so, what should be the appropriate remedy? Discuss the merits of the parties' respective positions in this case.  

9.What is the purpose of a zipper clause?
10.Did management's unilateral implementation of the two new work rules without providing the union with prior notice...
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