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Study Guide to Help with
Laboratory Exam 1

Microbiology 1214
A partial study guide only. Not intended to replace the review sheets or the “Know the following” sections on your labs. These slides are not presented in any particular order.

Name this

Identify the two types of bacteria present by
shape and gram stain.
In a gram stain what is the primary stain?
The mordant? The counterstain?
How does this differ from a simple stain?

Identify the shape
and gram stain of
the bacteria
present in this
gram stain.

Identify the shape and
gram stain of the
bacteria pictured. Think
on this one!

Name the gram stain and shape of the
bacteria pictured.

Name the genus of the organism pictured.
Note the size when determining the organism.

Identify this type of
We use this agar to
check for _______.

Name This Technique.
What is its purpose?

What type of hemolysis is pictured below?

Identify the Following

I go straight from the 4x
objective to the 100 x
objective? Why?

Identify the

Identify the staining procedure

Identify what we
are doing here.
What type of
plate would we
be making using
this technique?

Name the Structure
What Settings Do We
Use to Sterilize Bacteria
Using this Instrument?
What temperature do we
use to sterilize?
At what temperature
does agar melt?
At what temperature
does agar solidify?
At what temperature do
we prefer to work with
liquified agar in the lab?

Name this Technique

Name this Organism. How does it
reproduce? What is another name for a bud?

In the capsule stain, what
is the primary stain?
What is used to stain the
What is the method used
to make the smear called?
What is an advantage to
not heat fixing?
What is a disadvantage to
not heat fixing?

• In the capsule
stain, what is the
acidic dye used
in the procedure?
• What is the basic
dye used in the

Identify the three
types of flagella

What is the difference
between true
bacterial movement
and brownian

The pictured bacteria is 1
micrometer in length.

How many lines would that be
on the on the ocular
micrometer if I am using the
oil objective?

Pictured are endospores. What two techniques do we use to
view endospores.
What dye(s) would we use in each technique.
What shape would we use to classify the structure?

In an acid fast stain, what is the primary dye? Decolorizer? Counterstain? What is the waxy-like lipid material present in the cell wall?
Name two diseases caused by an acid fast bacterium.
What does the term “acid” refer to in acid fast bacteria? Know the steps of this staining procedure, know the stains used in each step.

Name the staining
technique pictured.
This is a negative stain.
What is another name for
negative stain?
Name two dyes that could
be used for this procedure.
What is stained in this

What size is the bacillus pictured above?

What is the name of the chamber pictured below?
We used the genus Saccharomyces to do this count.
Saccharomyces is a fungus, what media (media of
choice) would we choose to plate Saccharomyces out

What do we call this procedure?
When is it used?

If I counted 56 bacteria on the 10-7 plate, how many bacteria would be in my original stock solution? On the 10-5 plate?

What is the correct
term to refer to
each of the
growths we see on
this plate?
If I wanted to count
this I might place it
on a source with a
light called a
_______ Counting

How many squares would I count?

Identify the plate below that is countable?
What are the reference numbers associated
with a countable plate?




A sample of E.coli is diluted according to the above
diagram. The number of colonies that grew is indicated on
the petri plates. Using the countable plate determine how
many CFUs (colony...
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