Lab Report Synthesis of Esters Introduction

Topics: Ionic bond, Chemical polarity, Chemical bond Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: November 8, 2011
In this experiment, when vinyl strip and acetate strip is rubbed by tissue, it will charge the vinyl strip negatively and acetate strip positively caused by the transfer of electron between the strip and tissue. If molecules have non zero bond dipole, because polar molecule must have a non-zero molecular dipole where electron spend more of their time closer to one atomic nucleus than the other and make one end partially positive or negative than the other end. Different charge will attract the opposite charge which will bend the stream of liquid if it’s polar which cause the bend of the stream. Therefore proofing the shape of molecule of the liquid is not symmetric and it’s a polar molecule because of their attraction or repulsion. The reason why polar molecule have polarity and partially charged ends can be explained by Linus Pauling’s electronegativity property, the rule of VSEPR and Lewis structure. A polar molecule is molecule bond dipoles that do not cancel out and doesn’t equal to zero. Instead they give a non-zero molecular dipole. To see if a molecule is polar, it will depends on their shape and different in electronegativity.

Electronegativity property was produced by Pauling’s calculations proofing different in the attraction of nuclei for covalent bond. He calculated different elements electronegativity and give them a value through calculation, where fluorine have the highest electronegativity of 4.0. He used electronegativity to explain the polarity of a chemical bond. He stated that a very polar bond will be an ionic bond with a different electronegativity larger than 1.7; not too polar will be polar covalent bond with a different electronegativity smaller than 1.7 and larger than 0.5; nonpolar bond will be a pure covalent bond with a different electronegativity smaller than 0.5. Since they have different in electronegativity where one side attraction force is stronger, electron spend more of their time closer to one atomic...
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