Lab Report Pleurococcus

Topics: Plant, Measurement, Affect, Environment, Life, Light / Pages: 2 (406 words) / Published: Jan 30th, 2015
Leonardo lin

Lab report­ Measuring of plerococcus
Background information pleurococcus is an extensive algae,it depending on the kind of environment and produces the amount of pleuroccus depending on the enviroment. It allows you to use a small plots measuring the distribution and allocation of reality to identify relevant environmental factors organisms.

Aim / Research Question / Problem i am going to study about the how it affect the plant or tree, I am using the quadrat to measure the distribution of organism pleurococcus and what can effects the amount of the plerococcus. 3.
i will be expecting that having the same result,I expect that using different tree of different pleurococcus will have different results because we dont know if the tree has the same age, water, sunlight, shadow, and wind etc...


Independent Variable changing the type of tree to get the different plerococcus and getting differentresult of distribution that measure on the pleurococcus on the tree.
Dependent Variable
I will be using the same amount of water, sunlight, wind and the age of the tree should be the same to make sure the experiment is using the same quantity and form the amount of plerecoccus depending on the type of the tree.
Controlled Variable(s) the same amount of temperature, same environment so the amount of the plerococcus depends on the type if the tree, every thing can be contolled in the green house. Variable affects of pleurococcus
● Light: is required for photosynthesis ● Moisture/humidity: if it is too dry, the Pleurococcus will become too dry and die out, as they are green plants and require humidity/moisture to survive. ● Wind: It can transport moisture. However, it could bring about drying out and death of the algae. ● Temperature ● Amount of rainfall that runs down the tree. If it is too much, it washes off the Pleurococcu

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