Lab Report- Iworx Hm Agonist/Antagonist Muscles

Topics: Electromyography, Muscle, Agonist Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: February 27, 2013

Cynthia T.B. Nguyen
Professor Sarkissian
Bio 2710 - Anatomy & Physiology
Wednesday, 13 February, 2013
iWorx Lab Report 01 - Agonist/Antagonist Muscles
In this first iWorx lab, students studied and observed agonist and antagonist muscles. Agonist, which are also known as prime movers, are the main muscles that are responsible for bringing two bones closer. The antagonist, is the muscle that relaxes as the agonist contracts. The lab was a physical example to show students which muscle was which. It also allowed students to see how the muscle activity was recorded by an electromyogram (EMG). As the lab began, students were to divide into groups and choose a person who would have their muscle activity recorded as the lab went on. Group participants attatched electrodes to the group’s chosen test subject, then recording leads, connected to the iWorx box, were attatched to the electrodes. After being hooked up to the machinery and computer, the lab proceeded with flexing and extending of the wrist while the machine recorded the muscle activity and the computer screen provided the image of the agonist and antagonist activity. The lab showed that as the wrist was relaxed in supine position, both the agonist and the antagonist lines were recording flat. When the wrist was flexed, both lines immediately fluctuated but the agonist was more fluctuated. When the wrist was then pronated and flexed, both lines fluctuated once again, but this time the antagonist line was more fluctuated. Showing that they’ve switched roles when being rotated and flexed. One muscle will alwasys be an agonist as the other will work as the antagonist.
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