Lab Report Enzyme Catalase
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Abstract: Enzymes, molecules that speed up chemical reactions, are specific to one substrate. In this experiment the substrate hydrogen peroxide and the enzyme catalase will be used. The higher the concentration of potato extract, or catalase, the faster the reaction and the more substrate present will result in a decrease in the time of the reaction. The amount of concentrations of enzymes and substrates are changed to determine if the reaction is further catalyzed by a greater concentration of enzymes or substrates. The result of the experiment will show the relationships between the concentration of enzymes and the time of the reaction and the concentration of the substrate and the time of the reaction.

Introduction: Enzymes are molecules
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The appropriate dilutions were made based on the chart. For example, 8 ml of potato extract was measured using a graduated cylinder and poured into the beaker for test number one. Next, the graduated cylinder, used for measuring the amount of water and extract, was rinsed and 32 ml of distilled water added and stirred with a stirring rod. After obtaining a flask of 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, 30 ml of that solution was poured into a clean beaker and labeled “reaction beaker. To begin the measuring the effects of enzyme concentration on enzyme activity, one paper disk was picked up using clean forceps and dunked into the enzyme extract for five seconds and drained on a piece of paper towel for five seconds. Next, that same filter disk containing enzyme extract was placed onto the bottom of the 200 ml “reaction beaker”, containing 1% hydrogen peroxide solution. The time needed for the filter paper to float to the top from the bottom of the reaction beaker was measured using a stopwatch and recorded. The disk was removed and discarded and the same steps were repeated two additional times using another, clean disk. The three amounts of time were averaged and recorded and finally, the procedure was repeated for all five enzyme concentrations and the …show more content…
Next, data was collected from the portion of the lab that included work with various hydrogen peroxide concentrations, then it was recorded and averaged. The averages of both portions of the experiment were then compiled into two other charts and are shown below. The chart and graph in Figure 1 show the relationship between the various catalase concentrations and the time of the reaction, whereas Figure 2 shows the relationship between the time of the reaction and the various substrate

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