Lab Report

Topics: Observation, Scientific method, Hypothesis Pages: 3 (685 words) Published: April 30, 2012
ab: Observing a Chemical Reaction
Name: Deja Eason
Period: 5th Period
Partners: Melingh Patterson, Tori Millens
Date Performed: 9/2/11
Teacher: Mrs. Medina

This experiment was all about observing a chemical reaction. During the experiment, we made observations and possible explanations on why Copper(II)Chloride Dehydrate and Aluminum foil created a chemical reaction. The observations were made by using Copper Chloride, Aluminum foil, and Distilled water. Before the Aluminum was added into the Copper Chloride was turquoise. As we added the Aluminum the color changed to green and the water boiled. So we met the purpose of this lab.

The purpose of this lab was to learn how qualitative and quantitative observations of a chemical reaction are used to formulate a hypothesis.

Before doing any experience we had to observe all of the chemicals that were given to us. An observation required you to use your five senses. We also interpreted what are noticed about the Copper(II)Chloride Dehydrate. We also did the same for Aluminum Foil. We used both quantitative observations when it came to the Copper. Before we added the Aluminum, the Copper was cool and you could tell by touching the beaker. This is called a qualitative observation. However, we used the thermometer to determine the exact temperature when the Aluminum was added, this is called a quantitative observation.

Safety goggles, gloves, apron, 100mL beaker, glass stirring rod, thermometer, distilled water bottle, Copper(II)Chloride Dehydrate, Aluminum Foil 8cm x 8cm.

Obtain and describe a tablespoon of Copper(II)Chloride Dehydrate. Next, fill the 100mL beaker with ¼ of distilled water and without stirring add the tablespoon of Copper and record observations of the solid and water. Then you stir until the solid is completely dissolved and also record the observation. After that, record the temperature of Copper...
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