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Topics: Cell, Cell wall, Cell membrane Pages: 3 (684 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Plasmolysis in Rhubarb Epidermis Cells

To see if rhubarb changes when it is placed in solutions of different concentrations.

"Plasmolysis in Rhubarb Epidermis Cells" is an experiment to see whether or not rhubarb changed its cell structure when placed within different types or solutions. "A single layer of plant cell is placed on a micrscope slide and either distilled water or 5% NaCl solution is added to the cells. Osmosis will occur resulting in either turgid cells or plasmolysed cells." (

forceps (from rhubarb stem)
1 slide
1 coverslip
dropping pipette
3 small pieces of filter paper
1 microscope
access to 30% Na solution bottle

1.A piece of red coloured forcep was peeled from the stem of the rhubarb and was placed onto a slide using tweezers. 2.The dropping pippette was then used to put a drop of water onto the forcep that was on the slide. 3.A cover slip was then carefully placed onto the drop of water and it was made sure that the forcep would not flip over. 4.After the slide was prepared, it was then put onto the microscope using x100 view. The microscope was adjusted so that it was zoomed on a piece of the forcep. 5.When a piece of the forcep was located through the eyepiece of the microscope at x100 view, the magnification was increased to x400 and was refocused using only the fine focus knob. 6.When focused, the image that was seen had to be recorded by drawing what was observed. The image below shows what was observed when it was focused at x100 and x400 magnification view. The cell wall and cytoplasm were labelled. 7.After the first observation and drawing was done, the slide was removed from the microscope and the pippette was used again to add another drop of substance onto the same slide, except the substance was a 30% salt solution. 8.The slide was placed back under the microscope and was observed with x100 magnification view. Focusing again on a...
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