Lab Report

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Leila EspinalGrade 8
O.L.C.A. November 20, 2013

Lab Report

1. Problem: To find the density of a Hershey chocolate bar.
2. Hypothesis: I think the chocolate bar will gradually decrease in density as it gets smaller. 3: Materials: 1 whole Hershey chocolate bar, ruler, triple balance beam, tray, calculator. 4. Procedure: First, find the mass, volume, and density of an entire Hershey Bar. Then, systematically, break off one section at a time to calculate the mass, volume, and density for 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 of the candy bar, finally, record your results in the data table. 5. Data table

Whole Bar
2.10 cm/3
3/4 of bar
1.60 cm/3
1/2 of bar
5.1 cm/3
1/4 of bar
2.08 cm/3

6. Analyze data:
Does your hypothesis agree with the results of the experiment?
Yes. My hypothesis was the chocolate bar will gradually decrease in density as it gets smaller. According to the chart below, not only did the density decrease, but the mass and volume decreased as well. To reiterate, my hypothesis agreed with the results of my experiment. 7. Conclusion: In conclusion, after doing this experiment, I learned that under stable conditions of temperature and pressure, the density of any substance is always consistent.

Discussion Questions:

1. What happened to the mass as you broke the candy bar into pieces?

As my partner and I measured the chocolate, broke it into pieces, and measured the mass carefully, we noticed the mass deliberately began to get smaller because of the temperature and pressure of the candy bar.

2. What happened to the volume as you broke the candy bar into pieces?

After finding the volume by multiplying the length,...
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