Lab Report

Topics: Chemistry, Molecule, Atom Pages: 5 (1042 words) Published: June 22, 2014

1. Course Number and Title:CHEM-181 General Chemistry I

2. Semester Hours:4Contact Hours: (3 + 2)
Lecture Lab
3. Catalog Description

This course, intended for science majors, is the first course of a two-course sequence. Course topics include stoichiometry, inorganic nomenclature, solutions, gas laws, thermochemistry, atomic structure, and chemical bonding. The laboratory work includes basic laboratory techniques and is intended to support lecture topics. It is highly recommended that students who enroll in this course have completed high school Chemistry and high school Algebra II. 4. Prerequisites: None corequisites: None

5. Maximum Class Size: 24 Course Fee Code: 3
Differential Funding Category: A

Course Type for Perkins Reporting: ___ vocational_x__ non-vocational

6. Justification

a. Describe the need for this course

This course is required for bachelor-level degree programs in science, engineering, and in many health-related pre-professional disciplines.

b. Relationship to courses within the College

i. Does this course satisfy a general education requirement? _x__ yes___ no If yes, mark with an “x” the appropriate category below.

___ Communication___ Social Science _x__ Lab Science ___ Mathematics ___ Humanities

ii. Does this course satisfy a Group A or Group B Humanities/Literature requirement for the AA in Liberal Arts degrees? ___ yes_x__ no

If yes, mark with an “x” the appropriate category. ___ Group A ___ Group B

iii. If the course does not satisfy a general education requirement, which of the following does it satisfy:

___ Program-specific requirement for the following degree program: __________________________________________________
___ Elective

iv. Does this course satisfy the diversity requirement for the AA in Liberal Arts degree? ___ yes_x_ no

[The diversity requirement is defined as “any course whose primary purpose is to help students analyze the implications of the commonalities and differences among culturally diverse people(s). This requirement may include courses in gender studies or in non-western history and thought.”]

If yes, please explain: _________________________________________

v. Does this course satisfy the computer literacy requirement? ___ yes _x__ no

c. Related courses in other institutions

[NOTE: The two charts below need to be completed when submitting a new course proposal. They do not need to be completed for most course revisions, unless an Official Course Description is so old that the course’s transferability needs to be reconsidered, as in the case of an obsolete course which may be reactivated.]

i. List any comparable course(s) at other community colleges by completing the table below. Insert “None” if there are no comparable courses.

Comparable Courses at NJ Community Colleges
(ex., Brookdale CC, Mercer CC, Atlantic Cape CC, etc.)
Course Number
of Credits

ii. If “None” was inserted, please explain.
iii. Complete the table below. The four-year institutions listed below comprise the top six institutions queried on NJTransfer by OCC students.

Transferability of Proposed Course
Course Code,
and Credits
Transfer Category
(Major, General Ed.,
or Elective)
Will NOT
(Place an “x” in box)
Unable to Determine Status
(Place “U” in box)
Rutgers – New Brunswick

Georgian Court

Richard Stockton College

Monmouth University



iv. If a “U” was inserted above, document the course transferability by providing either (a) the name of a contact person at the four-year institution, or (b)...
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