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Topics: Microscope, Electron microscope, Optical microscope Pages: 4 (596 words) Published: April 3, 2014

Lab 3 : Techniques in Microscopy
Title : Preparation of light microscope observe cell organisms. Objective : To observe and investigate the cell structure under the light microscope.


A microscope is an instrument used to magnify and resolve a specimen. It is important to know several important features of microscopy which involves magnification, resolution and contrast. Magnification is the enlargement of a specimen while resolution is the ability to distinguish detail or the ability to distinguish between distinct points. There are two types of microscope known as light microscope and electron microscope. Contrast is the selective or differential absorption of light by a specimen directly correlated to the density gradients in and of the specimen.

A light microscope utilizes light that can be altered by a filter and condenser to visualize a specimen. There are many specific light microscopes such as the bright-field, dark-field, phase contrast, fluorescence and stereoscopic dissecting. On the order hand, an electron microscope uses electrons and electromagnetic condensers. It increases magnification, resolution, and contrast. Using such technology, the resolution is increased a thousand-fold. There are three common electron microscopes known as the transmission, scanning, and scanning tunneling.

In today's lab, we shall focus on the principles, parts and functions of a bright-field light microscope. Upon completing the lab, the student should be able to identify the specific parts of a microscope and their functions. Students will identify the cell structures using the microscope.


Light microscope
Microscope slides
Distilled water
Demo slides

Observation Exercise 1: Human Cheek Epithelium (Eukaryotic Animal Cell) 1. A clean toothpick was used to scrape the inside of my cheek gently. 2. The scrapings was stirred into a drop of distilled water on the slide and the coverslip...
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