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Does using a base coat before painting nails prevent chipping?

Background Information

When painting nails, some manicurists use a base coat before applying the polish. The purpose of a base coat is to help the polish stick to your nails more easily. Base coats also help to protect your natural nail from the staining effects of colored polishes. Ridge-filling base coats fill in the grooves and cracks in the nail to create a smoother appearance in the final nail product. Base coat polishes can also have extra ingredients like vitamin E to help keep your nails healthy. Anyone with nail allergies should be careful with base coats, as they can be harsher than regular polishes.

When applying polish, a base coat is to be applied first before the regular polish. First you should remove any old polish, clean, and dry the nails. Next, you should paint a thin layer of base coat and let it dry. A second layer of base coat is then added. After the base coat dries you can put on two coats of regular polish.
If I paint one hand of nails using a base coat and another hand of nails without a base coat, then the nails with a base coat will have a smaller area of chips.

Materials: soap, water, paper towels, cotton balls, nail polish remover, Sally Hansen Base Coat, Sally Hansen Dramatics in Midnight, tracing paper, ruler.
Step 1: Wash hands.
Step 2: Dry hands.
Step 3: Swipe each nail with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover.
Step 4: For this experiment we used Sally Hansen Base Coat.
Step 5: On the left hand, have a friend apply one thin coat of base polish. The polish should dry matte, sticky, and fast.
Step 6: After the base coat dries on each nail of the left hand, have a friend apply a second layer

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