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Topics: Metabolism, Cellular respiration, Adenosine triphosphate Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: November 5, 2013

Meal Worm Cellular Respiration Experiment

Cellular respiration provides energy to all living organisms by collecting energy from food molecules. The cell then rearranges complex molecules to simpler molecules and uses that energy to make a molecule that stores energy called adenosine triphosphate also known as ATP. Cellular respiration can occur with or without oxygen. When it occurs without oxygen, it is called anaerobic respiration. There are very few organisms that can get its energy by anaerobic respiration because much of the covalent bonds are not absorbed and very little ATP is produced. When cellular respiration occurs with oxygen, it is called aerobic respiration; this is what most organisms require. In the end, the food molecules are broken down with water and carbon dioxide. The energy of the food molecules are released and stored in the ATP bonds. The chemical equation for aerobic respiration is: Glucose + water+ oxygen àcarbon dioxide + water +energy +heat. My prediction for this experiment is that if the mealworms are at a cold temperature, then their breathing and metabolic rate would slow down. My hypothesis is cold mealworms will have a slower metabolism.

Materials and Methods
For this experiment, you will need:
1. Two glass tubes with a diameter of 4mm and 20cm in length 2. Three live Mealworms
3. Wire rod
4. Cotton
5. Potassium hydroxide
6. Motor Oil
7. Petroleum jelly
First, you will need to measure and record the weight of three mealworms to the nearest tenth. Then use the wire rod to push the small piece of cotton into the first tube. After the cotton, put the mealworms into the tube. Put another piece of cotton behind the mealworms. The cotton has to be loose enough so that air can pass through, but tight enough that the mealworms cannot pass through. Put another small piece of cotton behind the second piece and leave about 2cm in between it and another piece...
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