Lab Report 1hardy Weinberg Equilibrium

Topics: DNA, Polymerase chain reaction, Allele frequency Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: April 26, 2012
BIOL380 Genetics

Lab Report 1Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium
Note on late reports: You have almost one month to complete this lab report. I will NOT accept late lab reports. You must turn the report in at the start of class (that means 1:00 AM sharp!) December 1, 2010. If you come to class late, I will not accept your lab report. Please consider e-mailing me your report before you come to class to make sure it is not late.

Here is what I expect you to cover in your report:
1. Introduction: Provide a brief introduction to what you did. This should include something about why you did this lab work. What were we trying to accomplish by amplifying this region of DNA from the nuclear genome? Why do we care if our class is in Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium? More generally, why do we care if any population is in Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium? 2. Methods: You do not need to rewrite everything you did step by step. But you should give a general overview of the techniques you used. For example, rather than stating step by step the DNA extraction process, you could say something like “we extracted our DNA from cheek cells using proteinase K digestion and a silica spin column”. If you deviated from the protocols given to you in class you must state what you did differently. For example, if you accidentally pipetted 2 μl of pro K instead of 20 μl and then added additional pro K to compensate for this error, state it in the Methods section. The Methods section should include everything from the DNA extraction to the Χ2 analysis. 3. Results: This is the section where I expect you to be the most detailed. What did your gels show? Did every PCR reaction work? What did your negative controls show? Did you use your own data or data provided by Prof. Dolcemascolo? What were your frequencies for the 100 bp allele and the 400 bp allele? How did you arrive at these estimates? What were your expected/observed absolute and relative frequencies of all three...
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