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Topics: Oscilloscope, Electronic oscillator, Oscillation Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 1, 2009
Oscillators & Oscilloscope
Morgan Dennis

Partners: Brittany Smith, Michelle Trang, James Anderson, Madison Shaw

We are going to study the features and operation of the oscilloscope. We will use the instrument to measure the frequency and amplitude for various sources. Ultimately, the oscilloscope will display the Lissajous figures. APPARATUS:

The major apparatus used include; Oscilloscope, two audio oscillators, battery and connectors. THEORY:
The oscilloscope is a very widely used instrument because of its versatility. It is a standard piece of equipment used in many types of scientific laboratories. It moves a beam of electrons across a fluorescent screen that gives off light where the electrons hit it. It can be used as a graph to draw vertical and horizontal displacement from the origin along the y and x axis respectively. The values displayed along these axes are that of the voltage. The y measure is taken to be the dependent variable upon the x variable as time. The oscilloscope has the internal device called a sweep oscillator, which moves the electron beam across the screen at a constant rate. Therefore, the oscillator plots y (voltage) versus x (time). PROCEDURE:

Put the 1.5 Volt battery across the y-input. Put the switch on Direct Current. Then measure the number of divisions that the dot jumps. Reverse the polarity of the battery and measure the number of divisions again.

Connect an audio oscillator to the vertical input of the oscillator. Adjust the sweep and triggering controls until a stable pattern is observed. Positive slope means that triggering can take place only on an increasing voltage, even if the value or level is negative. Selection of the appropriate slope and level can help to trigger the sweep at any point like on the input signal. Use the oscilloscope to measure the peak to peak amplitude of the voltage from the audio oscillator. The amplitude of the voltage is half the peak to peak amplitude....
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