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Topics: Man, Boy, Emotion Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: June 22, 2013
Boys’ Code of Conduct
In the article “How Boys Become Men”, written by John Katz, he analyzes situations he experienced while growing up. Katz believes that boys become men by not showing fear or feelings and not ratting on others. As in the novel, The Other Wes Moore, both Weses are forced to become men at an early age. They experience events that push them to make decisions that make them grow and think like men do. Katz details the maturation process for boys, as the book, The Other Wes Moore, does with both Weses. They make decisions and take actions to mature and become a men. “Boys live in a world with its own Code of Conduct, a set of ruthless, unspoken and unyielding rules”, stated Katz. He remembered a scene of two boys, one swinging his bag towards the head of his friend, who kept ducking away from it. When the boy called his friend “Chicken”, the friend braced himself and stopped still, letting the boy slam him across his face with the bag. “I am no Chicken”, said the boy, sending a message and not admitting the fear he was feeling inside. Both boys were becoming men; one testing the other and the other boy proving that he had nothing to fear because he had become a man. The other Wes was 8 years old when he learn the Boys Code of Conduct. Wes was playing football with a group of boys from his neighborhood. A fight broke out between one of the boys and Wes. The boy, much smaller than Wes, punched him in the face. Wes’s focus was elsewhere. He ran to his house, leaving the boy standing there all confused. Wes remembered Tony’s words, “Send a message”. He was not scared, he never admitted the fear he was feeling inside. Wes grabbed a knife from his mother’s kitchen, and ran towards the boy to send his massage. He had to prove that he was now a man, not a child, and that no one could mess with him. “Boys are supposed to learn to handle themselves, and never rat”. Katz learn these two rules the hard way. He remembered a fist fight he had in fifth...
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