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lab projectile motion

By Mere-Culbertson Jul 07, 2014 323 Words
Name __ Projectile Motion
Go to and click on Run Now.
Pre Lab Reflections:
What are the
What forces are at play on a body under fall? Gravity plays a part in force on the weight of your body. Make a prediction of which angle results in maximum range. I predict that the 45 degrees will result in max range.


Open the sim, projectile motion.
Familiarize yourself with the variables shown there.
Ensure the air resistance check box remains unchecked.
Using the mouse set the angle of projection(i) to 5 deg.

Alternatively enter the value in directly.
Set the initial speed to a value U=15m/s .
Click on Fire to start the projectile and record the corresponding value of the range R. Repeat with values

i= 10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,60,70,75,80,85.

Draw a graph of Range (R) against Angle of projection (i)
You may want your lay out to appear like in the table.

Angle (i)

From your graph,
Describe the shape of the graph obtained. Comment.
In a parabola -unimodal, bell-shaped distribution
Determine using the graph the angle for maximum range.
Looking at the graph it is 45 degrees

Post activity discussion:
Explain why there were differences between predicted and experimental value of range. What were the variables? How could variables be controlled? What conditions would optimize experimental values? How could experiment be improved? What other ways could projectile motion be tested?

I actually had the same value for predicted and experimental range because I thought about was about I the middle think it was the longest range. The variables are angle, mass, and diameter. You can control the initial speed, mass, and diameter. The condition needed for optimize experimental value is neglecting air resistance and gravity. You could improve the experiment by changing the object being used and using other angles. Another ways could projectile motion be tested is an object dropped from rest.

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