Lab on Thumb Dominance

Topics: Left-handedness, Handedness, Right-handedness Pages: 4 (754 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Biology 111

Laboratory #1: MBS

Title: Study of the Dominant Thumb and Handedness

Abstract: The dominance of the thumb and it's relationship to handedness was studied. 50 volunteers were asked to clasp their hands and the thumb dominance and handedness of each subject was noted. The results showed a connection between the handedness of a person and it's opposite thumb dominance, though all combinations of handedness and thumb dominance were evidenced.

1. Introduction

A. Background Information

Relevant literature addresses a few issues regarding the dominance of the thumb and handedness. Some suggest right and left hand claspers do so because of a genetic connection, while environmental factors have also been suggested. A strong correlation between either right or left dominant thumbs and right or left-handedness has not been proven, though some have found a small relationship.

B. Purpose

The purpose of this study is to determine whether there is a relationship between dominant thumbs and handedness.

C. Hypothesis

Given the above background information, it is hypothesized that there will not be a correlation between right dominant thumbs and right-handedness and left dominant thumbs and left-handedness.

2. Procedure

A. Equipment Used

A pencil, a notebook and 50 volunteers are needed to complete the experiment.

B. Collection of Data

The researcher stood in a public place (the library), and approached volunteers and asked each volunteer to help with a simple test. The researcher said, “Please clasp your hands together.” After the volunteer clasped his/her hands together, the researcher noted whether the right or left thumb was on top. Then, the researcher asked the volunteer, “Are you left-handed or right-handed?” The researcher also noted this in her notebook.

3. Results

A. Table Summary of the Data

Volunteers (subjects)| Number| % of total volunteers|
Right-handed with dominant right thumb...

References: Biology 37 (1965):312-319.
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