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Topics: Heart, Physiology, Circulatory system Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: September 29, 2012
34B Frog cardiovascular Physiology: computer simulation
What was the baseline heart rate for the frog?
Ans: 59-63 bpm

2.Which wave is larger, the one for atrial constriction or the one for ventricular contraction? Why Ans: Ventricular. It shows the strength of the ventricle as it pumps blood, and it is a thicker muscle to pump stronger as it contracts

3.At what time during the contraction cycle was it possible to induce an extrasystole? Ans: The time during the relaxation part of cardiac cycle.
4.By clicking the multiple stimulus bottom and delivering 20 stimuli/ sec, were you able to achieve tetanus? Why or why not? Ans: No, because of the long absolute refractory period, it cannot be tetanized by multiple stimuli. 5.What happen to the heart rate with vagal stimulation?

Ans: HR slows and eventually stops during vagal stimulation
6.What happen during vagal escape?
Ans: HR increases gradually.
7.List the frog heart rate for the following conditions:
Ans: 49 Bpm with 5 C Ringer’s solution.
59 Bpm with 32 C Ringer’s solution.
8.Describe the effect of tem on heart rate
Ans: A decrease in temp causes a decline in HR; increasing the temp increases the HR, therefore being a direct relationship between the two. 9.Describe this effect match your prediction? Explain

Ans: Yes, as temperature increases so does HR as in a fever, same affect with cold; temp drops, so does HR. 10.What was the heart rate after treatment with pilocarpine? Ans: 44 bpm with pilocarpine.

11.Did this effect match your prediction? Explain.
Ans: Yes, pilocarpine is a direct acting cholinergic agonist that decreases the HR. 12.What was the heart rate after treatment with atropine
Ans: 70 Bpm with atropine.
13.Are the effects of pilocarpine and atropine the same or opposite? Ans: Opposite
14.Same question with epinephrine?
Ans: 80 Bpm with epinephrine.
15.Did this effect prediction? Explain.
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