Lab: Flame Test

Topics: Sodium chloride, Atom, Light Pages: 4 (800 words) Published: June 5, 2012
Lab 1: Flame Test
11 Chemistry, university Preparation

Conducted: September 20th, 2010

To observe, and create a chart of the colours produced when solutions of known metal compounds are heated to high temperature.

What colours are produced when different metallic compounds are placed in a flame, and why this happens?

Different salts will produce different colours when placed in a flame, due to the fact that each element has a different atomic structure. The electrons will jump to higher energy levels according to the amount of energy absorbed.

Pre Lab Questions:
1.Red is the colour with the lowest energy
2.Violet is the colour with the highest energy
3.Violet is the colour with the highest frequency
4.Red is the colour with the lowest frequency
5.Electrons are excited when they are given energy. Energy can come from different sources, such as heat or electricity. 6.Electrons are excited when the energy level of an atom or molecule is increased. Energy is increased by heat or electricity; this causes electrons to jump to higher energy levels. The energy that is not absorbed is released; in this case, photons are released, which are packages of energy.

Experimental Design:
-The Nichrome wire should be cleaned with hydrochloric acid prior to each flame test. -Ensure that, after cleaning the nichrome wire, it should not produce any colour when placed in the flame by itself.

-Eye Protection
-Nichrome test wire
-2 test tubes
-Test tube rack
-Cobalt glass squares
-Laboratory burner
-Hydrochloric acid, dilute, 5mL
-Sodium Chloride solution, 3mL

Samples of the following solids:
-Sodium Chloride
-Sodium Nitrate
-Calcium Chloride
-Strontium Chloride
-Lithium Chloride
-Potassium Chloride
-Copper II Chloride

1.Obtain your samples (the solids and 3mL of the sodium chloride solution in a small test tube) and the 5-mL...
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