Lab Experiment: Finding Succession Rates of Two Different Forests

Topics: Measurement, Wood, Root Pages: 4 (1234 words) Published: December 14, 2008
Succession Lab


The purpose of our lab was to begin to understand the rates of succession. Succession is a number of persons or things following one another in order or sequence. Considering that all living things follow some sort of order, Joey Collins, Brian Carman, Chris Broadwater, Marisa Grondin, and I attempted to figure the succession rates of two different forests. In order to do this we used the forest behind the elementary school and the forest behind the track, by the pond. One of my hypotheses was that the maple tree would be the most dominant tree in both forests especially in forest A, the elementary school. My reasoning for this was because I know how many maple trees I see in the forest by my house, and other forests around me. I also took into consideration that maple trees are found in northern temperate zones, which includes North America. Another one of my hypotheses was that the forest by the pond would be older than the elementary school forest. My reasoning for this was because I think the pond forest is less disturbed. This is because it is farther away from humans so they will not knock them down. Humans are about the only thing going through these forests with enough force to knock a tree over. I know that people would do it because when the class went outside, some of my classmates were pushing trees over or pulling off branches. MATERIALS AND METHODS:

The materials we used to make this lab a success were the two forests, blue flags for the corners of the plot, white flags for the edges of the plot, green flags for the middle of the plot, eight tape measurers, two meter sticks, masking tape, pens/pencils, notebooks and a dichotomous key. The first day we started this lab was on Friday, May 11. We divided the class into four groups. Each group would eventually have a quadrant in which they would measure all the trees. First, we had to plot the quadrants. We started with Forest A, the elementary school. Mr. Walker...
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