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Title: Understanding LabVIEW basic components
This lab introduces you to the basic components used in LabVIEW VIs. You will be asked to identify various components of a VI, describe their functions, and indicate where they can be found in the various pallets. II.PROCEDURE

Briefly describe the following LabVIEW tools and indicate on which window or palette they can be found.

Run Control – Execute/run VI
Found on toolbar of front panel
Broken Run Button – VI has errors
Toolbar of front panel
Run Continuously – executes VI repeatedly, runs until aborted or paused Toolbar of front panel
Abort Execution – stops VI immediately
Pause – pauses running VI
Front panel toolbar
Operating Tool – Changes value of control, used on front panel Tool palette
Positioning Tool – Selects or resizes objects. Used on front panel and block diagram Tools Palette
Labeling Tool – Enter or edit text. Creates free labels.
Tools Palette
Wiring Tool – wire object together on block diagram
Tools Palette
Scrolling Tool – Scroll through windows without using scroll bar Tools Palette
What is the purpose of the front panel?
The front panel is the user interface of the VI. When a new or existing VI is open, the front panel window appears. The VI interface can be created by placing controls and indicators on the front panel. When interaction occurs with the front panel as a user interface, controls can be modified ti supply inputs and see the results in indicators. What is the purpose of the block diagram?

Block diagrams contain the graphical source code that defines the functionality. This includes terminals, subVIs, constants, structures, and wires, which transfer data among other block diagram objects. Describe the purpose of numeric controls. On which palette do you find numeric controls? Give an example of one of the numeric controls you found. The simplest way to enter and display numerical...
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