Lab Conclusion 1 Basil Lab
Topics: Null hypothesis, Hypothesis, Statistics, Standard deviation, Statistical hypothesis testing / Pages: 9 (570 words) / Published: Jan 11th, 2015

In this lab we tested to see if the amount of sunlight exposed to the basil seed, would affect the growth. The null hypothesis for this experiment was that there would be no statistical difference between the green, yellow, and red basil seeds’ growth. Three alternate hypotheses are: If we expose the green seed to 48 hours of sunlight and the yellow seed to 24 hours of sunlight, then the green seed with grow more than the yellow. The opposite of this hypothesis would alternate 2. Another alternate hypothesis is (3): if we expose the yellow basil seed to 24 hours of sunlight, and the red for 0.5 hours a day, then the yellow basil seed will grow more than the red. The opposite of this one would be alternate 4. For this experiment, we rejected the null hypothesis; because the p-value for each t-test was lower than 0.05. Green vs. yellow=4.12218E-05, green vs. red= 2.40477E-05, yellow vs. red= 0.001873048. All of these p-values lead to the null hypothesis being rejected. Meaning that there was a statistical difference between the sets of data. Alternate hypotheses 1 was supported because the mean of green was 7.000 and the yellow was 1.375, proving that green have more growth, also the standard deviation of green was higher than the standard deviation of yellow. Also alternate hypothesis 4 was supported because the standard deviation of red was 2.149499, and yellow was 1.40621, this proves that the red basil seed had more growth compared to the yellow. There were many errors that our group made while conducting this experiment. Some of the errors were that we had to have one person measure the basil seed because if different people did it, then it would not be a constant. Also it would skew the data and make it inaccurate. Also when in class we were combining our class data, one of our group members was not present, and she had most of our data. Because of our irresponsibility of not sharing our data to make sure everyone had it, we skewed the green

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