Lab 7 CatalystsIntroductionPreLab Questions1 What is

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Lab 7: Catalysts
Pre-Lab Questions
1. What is a catalyst? An enzyme is a biological catalyst that speeds up chemical reactions in the body. 2. If you continue to add more catalyst will the speed of a reaction always continue to increase? Explain your answer. It will continue to speed up the reaction until there is more catalyst than the limiting reactant. 3. In this lab you will produce oxygen and water from hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Write a balanced reaction equation for this reaction. 2H2O2(l)------>2H2O(l)+O2(g) 4. What causes the bubbles to form in this reaction? The production of oxygen (O2) 5. The exhaust gas from car engines pass through catalytic converters that contain very small amounts of solid platinum, palladium, and rhodium catalysts. Are these metals homogeneous or heterogeneous catalysts? Heterogeneous catalysts

Lab 7: Catalysts
Experiment: Reactions with Catalysts
Table 1: Catalyst Comparison Observations
Type of Catalyst
Initial Observations
Final Observations
Bubbles started forming on the carrot instantly
The carrot is still covered in bubbles
Nothing happened immediately
The hydrogen peroxide is breaking down the tomato
Bubbles begin forming right away
The dirt is bubbling like crazy
Many bubbles formed right away bubbling all the way up the test tube. The reaction finished almost immediately and is not doing anything anymore.

Table 2: Catalyst Quantity Observations
Amount of Yeast
1 mL
Bubbled to about 1/3 of the test tube
5 mL
Bubbled to about 2/3 of the test tube
10 mL
Bubbled to about 2/3 of the test tube

To better understand catalyst and understand what they do in your body. Hypothesis
That the yeast will definitely break down the hydrogen peroxide and that the dirt will break it down as well. The carrot and tomato won’t do anything. Also, the 1mL of yeast to the hydrogen peroxide will break down but not as much...
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