Lab 6

Topics: Statistics, Sample size, Population ecology Pages: 4 (552 words) Published: May 25, 2014
Lab 6
Experiment 2

1. It is important that bass caught and marked are returned to the lake unharmed because if they are harmed them they are less likely to be caught again or they may end up dying if they are returned harmed. 2. I don’t this type of population would be easier to count directly because I don’t think it would be possible to catch all of the bass in the population to conduct this experiment. 3. I think that sample size is relative to population density and will positively affect the accuracy of the estimate because the sample size will be an excellent indication of the population and give accurate data for the experiment. 4. I think that three quadrats are enough in to have confidence in the estimate because with three quadrants you would have quadrants that could show you a 25, 50, and 75 percentile of your experiment which would be very accurate.

Experiment 2 Lab Report
Using toothpicks to represent bass fish in our pond (the 5 x 8” bag); you will use the capture recapture method to estimate population size. We know that when we are doing an experiment on a certain population, we can take a sample of that population to give us accurate data on the total population studied. In this experiment we attempt to prove this theory correct with the data collected from bass fish. The objective of this experiment is to show that we can get accurate data from a sample of the population. My hypothesis on this experiment is that we will get a good assessment on the population of bass fish from the sample that we take. For this experiment we used (100) Toothpicks, 5 x 8 in. resealable bag, and a permanent marker. Then we followed these directions: 1. Place all of the toothpicks (bass) in the 5 x 8” bag (lake). 2. Randomly pull out a handful of the toothpicks.

3. Mark these toothpicks with the marker.
4. Count the marked toothpicks and record this on the data sheet as “Marked bass in total population”.
5. Return the marked...
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