Lab 18

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Lab 18
Troubleshooting Windows 7

Exercise 18.1
Troubleshooting Network ConnectivityOverview
Rob calls the help desk to report that he cannot access any websites on the Internet. While he is still on the phone, you have him try to access a file on his departmental server. In both cases, his attempts fail. Troubleshoot Rob’s computer and determine why he is unable to access the network. The troubleshooting process will be completed when you are able to access the network using Rob’s computer.Completion time20 minutes

Exercise 18.2Troubleshooting Disk AccessOverview
Alice sends an email to the help desk stating that when she tried to copy some files to her X: drive, which is a volume on her local hard disk, she was unable to do so. Because Alice has already left for her vacation, she cannot provide any more details about the problem, but she writes that she would appreciate the problem being fixed by the time she returns. The troubleshooting process will be completed when Alice can write files to her X: drive.Completion time20 minutes

Exercise 18.3Troubleshooting Shared FoldersOverview
Gail is the head bookkeeper for your company, and she stores the firm’s financial spreadsheet files on her Windows 7 computer. The other bookkeepers in the department, who all have user accounts that are members of the local Users group, work with the spreadsheets on Gail’s computer by accessing two shared folders called Payable and Receivable. Gail has just called the help desk and reported that since having a new network adapter installed, the other bookkeepers have been unable to access the shares. However, Gail is able to access web sites on the Internet. The troubleshooting process will be completed when other computers on the network are able to read files from and write them to the Payable and Receivable shares on Gail’s computer using the local Student user account an the password Pa$$w0rd.Completion time20 minutes

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