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lab 1

By ndavis27 Oct 06, 2014 645 Words


This lab contains the following exercises and activities:

Exercise 1.1 Running Upgrade Advisor

Exercise 1.2 Upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7


You are an IT manager making your first evaluations of the Windows 7 operating system. Your network consists of a large number of Windows Vista Enterprise workstations, and you want to determine whether it is feasible to upgrade them to Windows 7.

Estimated lab time: 50 minutes

Exercise 1.1
Running Upgrade Advisor

In Exercise 1.1, you run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor program on a

Windows Vista computer to determine whether it is capable of running

Windows 7.

Completion time
10 minutes

1. Click NYC-VS1 to access Windows Vista workstation.

2. Click Start, and in the Start Search box, type

\\RWDC01\downloads\Windows7UpgradeAdvisorSetup and press Enter.

3. The Welcome to the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Setup Wizard page appears.

4. Select the I accept the license terms radio button and click Install. The Installation complete page appears. You have successfully installed the program. Click close to exit this program.

5. Click Start. Then click All Programs > Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor program loads, and the Check to see if your PC is ready for Windows 7 page appears.

6. Do not click Start check. Instead, close the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor program.

7. On NYC-VS1 desktop Click Start, and in the Start Search box, type C:\WUA7\32bit_rep.jpg and press Enter. Review the report, after reviewing close the window. 8. On NYC-VS1 desktop Click Start, and in the Start Search box, type C:\WUA7\64bit_rep.jpg and press Enter. Review the report, after reviewing close the window.

According to Upgrade Advisor, is your workstation capable of 1
running Windows 7?
Yes I can run windows 7 32-bit, but 64-bit requires a custom installation.

Is your workstation capable of running Windows Aero? If not, 2
why not?
No my pc is not capable of running windows aero in 32-bit or 64-bit, because my current graphics adapter won’t support the windows aero user interface.

Are there any devices in the computer for which Upgrade
Advisor could not find information? If so, which ones?
No issues detected

Are there any applications on the computer that might cause
4 compatibility issues with Windows 7? No

Exercise 1.2 Upgrading Windows Vista to Windows 7

In Exercise 1.2, you upgrade your Windows Vista workstation to

Windows 7.

Completion time
40 minutes

1. Click NYC-VS1 to access a Vista workstation, in the Start Search box, type

\\RWDC01\downloads\win7ent\setup.exe and press Enter. The Install Windows screen appears.

2. Click Install Now. The Get important updates for installation page appears.

3. Click Do not get the latest updates for installation. The Please read the license terms page appears.

4. Select the I accept the license terms check box and click Next. The Which type of installation do you want? page appears.

5. Click Upgrade. After a compatibility check, a Compatibility Report screen appears, listing any problems or potential problems with the computer’s hardware or software configuration.

6. Click Next. The Upgrading Windows page appears. After a period that can last 30 minutes or more during which the setup program installs Windows 7, and will restart several times.

7. The Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically page appears, Click Ask me later.

8. The Review your time and date settings page appears.

9. From the Time zone drop-down list, select your time zone and, if necessary, correct the Date and Time settings. Click Next.

10. Click Start. The Windows logon page appears.

11. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, Click switch user and then other user, on username box type NYC-vs1\student and the password Pa$$w0rd. Windows 7 loads.

12. Log off NYC-VS1.

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