Lab 1

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Kevin Johnson
Lab 1

Safety Quiz

1. List three (3) unsafe activities in the illustration and explain why each is unsafe.

Ayanna is not wearing safety goggles: It is unsafe because eyes are vulnerable to chemical spills and splashes, shattered rocks and glass, and floating and flying objects.

Lindsey’s long hair is waving around: It is unsafe because hair, clothing, and jewelry can create hazards, cause spills, and catch fire while experimenting. Always tie or pin back long hair.

Chris and Ray are not considering their surroundings: Because science experimentation may require students to climb, push, pull, spin, and whirl. They should undertake these activities cautiously and with consideration for the people, property, and objects that could be impacted. They spilt if not broke a glass gar as a result.

2. List three (3) correct procedures depicted in the illustration.

Jennifer is wearing eye protecting safety goggles when experimenting. Tyler is wearing an apron and safety goggles as well as handling chemicals with care Ming is using her own judgment and precaution to safely and effectively uses the lab equipment.

3. What should Tarik do after the accident?

He should notify the class and instructor of the broken glass, wash any cuts and use the first aid kit to bandage any wounds he may have received.

4. What should Lindsey have done to avoid an accident?

Lindsey should tie her hair back and stop flirting with John because it is distracting him from the fact that a wire is very close to a source of water.

5. Compare Ming and David's laboratory techniques. Who is following the rules?

Ming is following the rules, while David is in danger of harming his eyes since he is putting the microscope near a light source such as the sun. David should place the microscope on a flat surface so he doesn’t damage his eyes or the microscope.

6. What are three (3) things shown in the laboratory that should not be there?

Food and...
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