Lab 05 Conservation of Energy

Topics: Energy, Potential energy, Kinetic energy Pages: 4 (916 words) Published: February 18, 2015

Lab 05: Conservation of Energy
PHY 122 Lab Monday 4:00-5:50 PM (73096)

____________________________________________________________________________________________ ABSTRACT: We conducted this experiment in order to investigate and validated whether energy is conserved in a simple mechanical system. We performed two different experiments where in both, the kinetic and potential energies were calculated of a swinging pendulum at various measured times/positions. The combined total energy should be constant at all times (slope of 0 in a E/m vs t graph) where for the first and second parts, the slopes were found to be -0.03 ± .09 J/kg/s for the first part of the experiment and -.07±.07 J/kg/s for the second part. These near 0 slopes support the idea that energy is conserved. OBJECTIVE:

The objective of the lab is to investigate the conservation of energy in a system by calculating total mechanical energy (kinetic energy +potential energy). The systems are swinging pendulums, the first being a video of a ball on a string and the second being a normal pendulum that periodically marks its position on a background. EQUIPMENT:

Logger Pro, video of swinging pendulum (mass .350 kg), physical pendulum with electronic marker equipment, background paper, ruler PROCEDURES:
For the first half of the lab, the position of the center of a swinging pendulum is recorded at the given times frames of the video. This is done with a given movie file and tools in Logger Pro. Based on the marked positions and time, logger pro calculated the x and y components of velocity which enabled us to ultimately calculate kinetic energy: .5mv2. We also calculated gravitation potential energy using U=mgy. The addition of the two energies results in total mechanical energy. For the second part of the lab, using the electric marker and a physical pendulum, the position of the pendulum is periodically marked as it swings. Using the marked paper, the vertical distance...
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