Lab 01

Topics: Chemistry, Experiment, Laboratory Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: January 12, 2015
Student Name: Brice Waterman
Student ID: 4040913
Date: 09/2/2014
Course and Section Number: SCIN131

Lesson 1 Lab: Laboratory Safety & Differences in Density due to Temperature


Begin by viewing the following Thinkwell video

15.1.1 CIA Demonstration: Laboratory Safety

After you watch the above video, check out the safety contract at and then answer the questions below in sufficient detail:

(a) (1 pts) Describe some general lab safety rules that were discussed in this video and reading.

Answer: wearing goggles, closed toe shoes, and lab coat

(b) (1 pts) Briefly discuss the importance of safety in the chemistry lab, and why it is important to know the location of safety equipment in the lab.

Answer: Safety in the lab is essential to not only the person doing the experiment but also anyone in the lab as well. If you know where the safety equipment is then if there is an accident the quicker you can respond.

(c) (10 pts) Indicate whether the following statements are true or false in the blank provided. If the video did not indicate a direct answer to some of these, be sure to read the link above, and then you may be required to do a little searching on the internet to find the correct answer (cite your sources!):

_t_1. You should always wear safety glasses or goggles while working in the laboratory, even if you wear eye glasses already. _t_2. Locate the fire extinguisher before working in the laboratory _t_3. Locate the first aid equipment before working in the laboratory _f_4. It is generally OK to taste chemicals in the laboratory as long as you are careful. _f_5. It is generally OK to eat or drink while in the laboratory except in very specific situations. _t_6. Consider all chemicals to be hazardous unless instructed otherwise _f_7. Open-toed shoes are generally OK to wear while in the laboratory as long as you are careful. _t_8. If any chemical...
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