La Relevancia Del Emprendimiento

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Sábado Gigante, Chile Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: March 27, 2013
1 First of all, I would like to say that entrepreneurs are not necessarily business people. They are people who have new ideas, and that do things differently from the rest.

2-The most polular tv host of latinoamerica TV host, 72. nacido en Talca,,, Liceo Comunal de Ñuñoa, y se dedicó a trabajar en el negocio de su padre Innovative show,“Sabado Gigante”, is watched in 43 countries. Founder of the “Telethon” in Chile in 1978.

Promotes donations from people and companies to rehabilitate impaired children and families.

Ult ..-He left scool because he started to work selling clothe in talca, and his his free time he started to host lithe events , because he was a boy withm an amazing personality, one of his show was in Club Israelita Macabbi, here borned the character of don francisco», he traveled to united estates to study costumer design, in usa was where mario fall in love with the television, when he was 21 year old he decided that television will be his carrear, he came back to chile and whit the sopport of his mam hi wait a year for a opportuniti in canal 13in 1962, in abril of this year he started whit s,abado gigante he hah a lot of problems but chilian people started to love him because he was so special, and happy, he always made people laught then he is an amaizing entropenuer because he internationaliated the program fiirs in miami an then in 43 latinamerica countries . Earnded a lot of money. He took adventaje of his succes and created teleton, because he wanted to help chilian people because he tought that chile gave him so much,. Teleton is an istitution that collet Promotes donations from people and companies to rehabilitate impaired children and families. Thank to don francisco thousand of people are more happy now. And he still bein millionard and famous men.

The key for don fra to be a seccefull antropenuera was Trust in your people, in your country. Do things differently to succeed.
Do everything with a smile on your...
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