La mora

Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: October 31, 2014
Ex The inside of the castle will amaze you with its beauty The view from the cabin is sure to amaze you. Delight great pleasure. Ex You will experience delight when you taste his cooking. Her beautiful voice will delight the audience. Contribute give. Ex Workers contribute canned food to supply the food pantry. Colonel military officer of high rank. Ex A famous colonel gave a speech about the battle. The colonel is in an important meeting right now. Noble having fine personal traits. Ex Firefighters made a noble effort to recue victims from fire. Borrow use what belongs to someone else. Ex The woman asked me to borrow my pen. Restaurant place where people are served food. Ex This restaurant is famous for its variety of salad options. Tonights special at the restaurant is steak and mashed potatoes. Profession job that requires training. Ex A person with a profession in the arts uses creativity at work. He chose a profession in medicine because he likes to help people. Initial first. Ex An initial report was positive, but later reports were not. The initial research about the new drug is promising. Abandon leave or withdraw from. Ex The pirates made the sailors abandon their ship. He will abandon his plans to attend law school and instead get a job. Media are ways that information is communicated to large numbers of people. One medium for spreading news is broadcasting radio messages. Other media include newspapers, magazines, and television. (Medios de comunicacin) Ex Many students who study media watch old movies. The Academy Awards is always a large media event. Members of themediaoverwhelmed the candidates with questions. The Internet is becoming amediumof communication. Destruction damage beyond repair. Ex Only rubble was left after the destruction of fire. The tornado left a path of destruction more than a mile wide. License permit. Ex They have to get a marriage license before...
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