La Gran Aventura de Alejandro

Topics: Boy, Spanish language, Mind Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: September 19, 2007
The book that I read over the summer, La Gran Aventura De Alejandro, is about a young boy named Alejandro. Throughout the book he has many adventures resulting from a magic ring he receives after helping a young gypsy get out of a tight situation. While he is having these adventures, his actions and their outcomes show us that caring for others can make us many friends and help us lead a good life. Also, he shows us that having an open mind and a creative imagination can cause us to enjoy life more. La Gran Aventura De Alejandro takes place during Alejandro's vacation in Madrid in the 1990's. After helping a gypsy girl when she is being bullied, Alejandro is rewarded a magic ring. The magic ring allows Alejandro to "jump" in to pieces of history such as paintings or statues and explore them. While he is in these pieces of history, Alejandro exhibits acts of bravery and kindness. An example would be when he helps save his friend Franz from being killed, showing courage and kindness, even though Alejandro could have come into harm himself. Even after Alejandro has all of his adventures with the ring, at the end of the book he actually passes the ring onto another person, possibly leading to more adventures. I enjoyed some parts of the book, as the stories were interesting to read about. Alejandro is relatable to many boys in his age group because of his imagination and maybe not being accepted by everyone around him. There were cons to the book as well. The Spanish is fairly simple in the first few chapters, but it becomes increasingly hard throughout the book, and I was forced to sit with a Spanish dictionary guessing definitions and spending long amounts of time looking words up.
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