La Agar Media Case Study

Topics: Bacteria, Enzyme, Microbiology Pages: 3 (562 words) Published: January 5, 2016

The bioluminescent bacteria grow well and produce good glowing in the SWC agar media compared to the LA agar media. In LA agar media, the production of light was very deem. It also took much time to solidify and the agar media was too soft and forms hole, therefore good streaking couldn’t be done. There might be error in the composition of the LA agar media ingredients. However, when SWC agar media used, there was good growth of bacteria and bright production of light. When comparing both media, the SWC media contains 10ml of Glycerol whereas there was no Glycerol added in the LA media. Glycerol promotes good luminescent production in the bacteria. Moreover, the amount of Bacteriological agar as solidifying agent was increased in the SWC media...

There are five know species of bacteria which has the ability to produce light, which are Vibrio Fischeri, Vibrio Harveyi, Photobacterium leiognathi and Photobacterium phosphoreum, obtained from marine source and Vibrio albensis, obtained from fresh water.
Firstly, the Photobacterium phosphoreum exhibits growth at 4°C. Therefore, according to Table 4.5, there was no growth of bacteria at 4°C, which clearly shows the bacteria isolated is not Photobacterium phosphoreum.
Second, the bacteria could not be Vibrio albensis, since we obtained the source of species from marine.
Thirdly, genus Vibrio would show positive oxidase test. But, upon repeating the oxidase test for 5 times, a negative result was obtained. Moreover, there was no growth in the TCBS agar which is a selective media for Vibrio genus. Therefore, the bioluminescent bacteria isolated, could not be either Vibrio Fischeri or Vibrio Harveyi species.
Therefore, based on the results obtained, the isolated Bioluminescent Bacteria could be of Genus Photobacterium and species of Photobacterium...
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