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Topics: Region, Point, Perception Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Srgjan Hadji-Nikolov

I) Evaluation of the presentation on “The political situation in Belgium”, presented by: Nick Meysman, Aslan Jafarly and Irakli Abesadze;

The Content of the presentation was political situation in Belgium, including the organization of the state, language, economy and culture of the regions and communities. Importantly, and in my opinion most attractive for the audience, was description of the Flemish and French perception towards the common issues.

The presentation was very well organised and informative. The well balanced and structured power-point slides were easy to perceive and understand. Enriched animation, data and short informative video, this presentation achieved its purpose.

With regard to the delivery, overall, all the presenters did well in attracting the attention of the audience. However, it must be pointed out that Nick Meysman did outstanding job in a non-intrusive and calm manner. The second speaker’s lack of language skills was notable, thus he had to rely on the notes and at some points was dragging the sentences and losing the context which was hard for the audience to follow. Irakli Abesadze did fair presentation, giving impression that he is deeply familiar with the subject that was presented.

The answering of the questions was quite interesting to follow, the question addressed from the audience were answered without major difficulties. The spontaneous and creative Q and A session enhanced even more the overall effect of the presentation, although at moments lack of coordination in answering was notable.

II) Evaluation of the presentation “Regional integration in the MENA region in light of the Arab Spring”, presented by Hisham Sallam, Mohamed Bialy Alolaimy and Samuel Bezzina.

The Content of the presentation on the regional integration and cooperation in the...
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