L2 Acquisition

Topics: Language acquisition, Second language acquisition, Linguistics Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: June 24, 2013
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Stephanie Aedo Vega.
Teaching an L2 or a second language to students sometimes is very difficult and we ask ourselves how to teach the language. Many authors have tried to investigate the way to teach a language and how we acquire a second language or L2 with the influences of an L1 or our mother tongue. One of these authors is Cook (2011) who says “For many years the question has been debated whether L2 learning is the same as L1 learning”. (para.2) Cook (2011) try to explain the differences in the learning of L1 and L2 in children, dividing this in 8 different statements or ideas in which we can found different factors like the behavior, needs and interest, context and motivation, mental capacity etc. So according to these statements this can have a huge implication in the way children learn the language. Another important author is Krashen (1981). He wrote about “First language interference” and how the mother tongue interference in the learning of the L2. Krashen (1981) wrote that “First language influences appears to be strongest in complex word order and in word-for-word translation of phrases”(para.4), “First language influences is weaker in bound morphology”(para.5) and finally “First language influences seems to be stronger in acquisition poor environments”,(para. 6) but he found out that not always L1 influences in the leaning of an L2 and this is because there are many other factors that also affect the acquisition of L2. Finally the last author is Freeman (2004) who in two chapters explains the acquisition of the language in different forms. Chapter 1 refers to the first language acquisition and how a baby starts babbling and then he can be able to develop a huge number of words and sentences. Freeman also refers in how different fields such as psychology, sociology, linguistics, affect the learner in the acquisition of the language. The second chapter refers to written and second language acquisition using different goals and...

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