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Kyoto Protocol Persuasive Speech

By Paul16 Mar 26, 2008 900 Words
Title: Kyoto Protocol

General Purpose: To Persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience that the United States needs to adopt the policy of the Kyoto Protocol.

I.Attention Step

A.Attention Getter: Do you remember hurricane Katrina and the impact it had on the residence that lived their. Do you remember how many lives the hurricane took in its path of destruction? Imagine a storm of immense destruction that hit the tri-state area. Massive flooding caused destruction of your housing, and all your possessions. Imagine this storm caused deaths upon your family and friends with no warning. How would you feel? B.Thesis/Central idea: Because the United States is the biggest single producer of heat-trapping gases, both in total output and on a per capita basis, contributing 25 percent of the total with just 4 percent of the world’s populations, the United States needs to adopt the policy of the Kyoto Protocol, to lesson the emissions of greenhouse gases and to ensure stability for future populations. C.Speaker Credibility: I first came to understand about the Kyoto Protocol in my High School ecology class and wanted to do further research on it, to show the impact of that our environment will have if we do not adopt it. D.Reason to Listen: If the United States does not adopt the policy of the Kyoto Protocol our environment maybe drastically changed to where civilization as we know it will eventually cease to exist. E.Preview

1.Need: How the effects of global warming on our environment our devastating. 2.Satisfaction: How we can solve the impact of global warming by the United States adopting the policy of the Kyoto Protocol 3.Visualization: In adopting the Kyoto Protocol the United States will not harm the environment as much and the future will remain stable. 4.Action: How voter power can make the difference on environmental change.

Connective: Now I will provide you some insight on why global warming is devastating to the environment.

II.Need Step
The United States is one of the biggest causes for the emission of greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. A.The effects of Global Warming for the environment and for human life are numerous and varied. The main effect is increasing global average temperature. The rising of temperature impacts our environment by the rising of sea levels, altered patterns of agriculture, increased extreme whether events, and the expansion of the range of tropical disease. B.-Increase temperature increases precipitation causing the strength of storms and hurricanes becoming more deadly. -Increased evaporation causes more rainfall, and in tropical areas may cause desertification due to deforestation. -The economic impact on extreme weather would be devastating It is said by the author of climate Change Choi, that “1% increase in annual precipitation would enlarge the cost of catastrophic storms by 2.8% -In places like the Canada, Alaska, and Russia, the temperature has risen three degrees more in Celsius due to global warming. Connective: Now that you understand how greenhouse gases impact global warming, I will now talk about how the United States must adopt the Kyoto protocol policy to allow for future environmental stability.
III.Satisfaction Step
A.If the United States adopts the policy of the Kyoto Protocol it will reduce green house gases by an estimate of 7%. B.It will impact the way we use fuel such as coal and oil by developing new ways to hone in energy. Some ways would be the development and usage of more hybrid cars considering automobiles in the United States is one of the largest causes for Greenhouse Gas emission. We can also direct our energy more on solar power which would be more environmentally friendly. Connective: Now that I have talked about some of the changes that might occur if the United States adopts the Kyoto Protocol, now I will talk about how this change will impact the environment for the future.

IV.Visualization Step
A.This would have a gradual impact on the environment in years to come. Temperature increases would gradually stabilize instead of increasing every year, and the climate would become more stable. B. Storms would be reduced in terms of strength and even as a whole. Climates would be stabilized and plant and animal life would be restored instead of dying out. The most important impact that would come out of adopting the Kyoto Protocol is a stable environment for future populations of the United States. Conclusion

V.Action Step
A.Summary: Now that I have talked to you about the impact that global warming has on our environment, how the Kyoto protocol will solve this problem, and how we can impact our environment by adopting this policy, I will now talk you about how you can make a change. B.Action Statement: You can help gain the attention of United States government by joining a student group called Kyoto Now. This student group aims to support pressure towards reducing green house gas emissions as targeted by the Kyoto Protocol compliance. You can also impact pressures on the government by adopting this policy by voting. If the environment is as important to you as it is for me the candidate in the next presidential election that supports the Kyoto Protocol has my vote. Remember we must adopt this policy to allow for stability in future generations.

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