Ky School for the Deaf Changes

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+6Alice Godfrey
January 17, 2011

Kentucky School for the Deaf Changes

No one is sure exactly what will become of Kentucky School for the Deaf campus. The school is rich in history of Danville and even houses its own museum in one of the buildings. Kentucky School for the Deaf was first established in 1823 and although it is not the first school for the deaf in the United States it is the first state funded school for the deaf. Several books have been written about the history of KSD. The entire book, A Centennial History of the Kentucky School for the Deaf by Charles Paxton, can be viewed online through the Kentuckiana Digital Library. Another book, published in 1973, is the History of the Kentucky School for the Deaf, 1923-1973, written by James B. Beauchamp and published by the KSD Alumni Association. In the late 70’s and early 80’s Kentucky School for the Deaf was thriving when enrollment reached its high at 440 students. Most of these students lived on campus and only went home once a month. There was a staff of 220 at that time. Today’s enrollment is about 130 students, of which approximately 75 are dorm who live on campus during the week. The remaining are day students bused in from surrounding counties. Many deaf students who once attended KSD are now mainstreamed into public schools in their home counties. Staff has been cut to 150. KSD has a campus of approximately 166 acres near the center of Danville. Some of this land was declared surplus land by the Kentucky Board of Education several years ago. The proposal was made to reduce campus size to 50 acres and to demolish several buildings. The campus at one time had 14 buildings. These include Argo-McClure Hall, built in 1964. It houses Technology classes for middle and high school students. Kerr Hall houses high school and middle school classes and Walker Hall is a self contained elementary school. Middleton Hall is the...

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