Kusholi Nirman Ltd

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Human Resource Practices in Real Estate Companies

Background of the report:
This report is titled as “Human Resource Practices in real estate companies”. The report consists of two-fold purpose. First analyze the comparative differences between “Kusholi Nirman Ltd” & “Mehnati Construction Ltd” then analysis on economic development of Bangladesh in real estate companies. This report will help us to know about overall overview of Bangladesh real estate companies and their Recruitment policy, Selection policy, Training & development policy, Performance appraisal, Compensation & benefits and Heath & safety. Real estate companies are the leading financial institutions in Bangladesh. Under the list of Rehab all real estate companies’ purposes is to provide the safety, comfortable, reliable houses to live.  Our main purposes to make the report to know how real estate companies in Bangladesh run their business and how to control the rules & regulations for HR department. Lack of providing information by the selected two company’s authority we ware unable to mention the recent trends in their sectors, number of players involved and market share Methodology

Data Collection method:
1. Primary sources:    Face to face interview of companies AGM or Information center. 2. Secondary sources:

Ø Internet

Data analysis:
For the data analysis, computer software (e.g. Microsoft word) is used, which helped to make the analysis in a well-arranged manner for the research easier, more efficient, and more effective. Limitations of the report:

Several drawbacks that appeared at the time of preparing the report and hindered the total work process are as under: It was difficult to make information based rich report in a short time period. Address of the selected real estate companies was not match. The selected real estate companies avoided us and did not provide enough information. It was very difficult to identify the present situation of the real estate companies in such a small period of time. One of the main barriers of the report was the confidentiality of the data.

Kusholi Nirman Ltd Company details:
Kusholi Nirman Ltd has started its humble journey in 2005. Distance of a decade was tough and amusing. We crossed this long way happily gathering experiences from both side of our way. We by this time tried to understand the turns and twists of different nature of this business Endeavour, to understand the miseries and sorrows, joy and happiness of our honorable landowners, customers, employees and all persons directly or indirectly affiliated with the job we undertaken. We want to understand more we want to provide whatever we have in terms of engineering and managerial skill to the cause of people we owe i.e. Landowners, customers, our affectionate colleagues in particular and to nation in general. We are committed to sincerity and well do everything to carryout the responsibility one entrusted upon us whatsoever it may be.  The top management of the company has consisted with 4 directors who obtain vast ranged skill and academically processed an outstanding specialization in the area of Civil engineering and Architectural efficacy. Kusholi Nirman Ltd has more than 2050 skilled professionals equipped with all necessary tools and machinery like mixer Machine, Drill Machine, Welding Machine, Crane/hoist, fair face shuttering material, wood technology and so on. Moreover, we have about 1000 people working with us through sub-contractors of RCC work, Brick and plastering work, sanitary and plumbing work , mosaic and tiles fitting , Aluminum and Grill work, wood work, Electrical work, Painting etc. We also emphasized on developing a safe and secured work environment for our personnel at the work place and ensured different safety tools in each and every construction site with wide ranged awareness for all employees. Considering its social corporate responsibility, Kusholi Nirman Ltd has formed a charity organization namely...
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