Topics: Gender, Gender role, Transgender Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: February 27, 2013

We will conduct an experiment about stereotypes in relation to men being superior in math and women superior in the arts. To reduce the likeliness of participants focusing on gender stereotype measures, we will let them watch a short video or pictures that would possibly let them know that men are dominant in math and women are dominant in arts, but it will not give them a hint about stereotyping. Rather, the conductor will shortly discuss the short video or pictures being presented and let them know that it is about academic performances so that the participants cannot predict the nature of our experiment.

After a short discussion, participants will then answer a scale to measure the stereotypes of both genders. There will be 15 male participants and 15 female participants. The scale that will be given will have 10 items but 6 of the items in the scale are false items and the other 4 questions will measure the level of stereotyping among each participant. The four items are the only items that would be part of the research and the main focus of the experiment.

The 4 items are : “In general, men have high ability in math”, “In general, women have high ability in math”, “In general, men have high ability in arts”, “In general, women have high ability in arts”. In the questionnaire that will be given, the question order will be the same for all participants. For each item, the participants will be asked to indicate their responses using a seven-point Likert scale ( 1 = totally disagree, 7 = totally agree) .

After the experiment, we will debrief our participants and tell them about our real experiment and what we are really measuring.
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