Kuhn’s theory of scientific development

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Kuhn’s theory of scientific development

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Kuhn’s theory of scientific development

This essay aims to evaluate the paradigm shift of the scientific development by contrast the “normal science”. Firstly, explain the definition and evaluate the characteristics of the Kuhn’s theory by analyses the claims of the questions. Secondly, compare the normal science and other counter-theory form the opponents by relating the problems of reality which is about the contemporary scientific development. Thirdly, to argue the barrier of paradigm which is could obstruct Kuhn’s theory developing. Lastly, to summarise the contribution of paradigm to the development of the scientific philosophy. The real magnitude of Kuhn’s theory, however, is not about the influence of his definitions but in the evidence that he independently alter the way which entertain the humans’ most organized attempt to comprehend the world. Before Kuhn, people were used to using the philosophical ideas to think about the scientific method while with a valiant romance of advances in science. On the other words, before Kuhn, there are huge knowledge about the Whig Interpretation of History of scientific history, in the past studies, theoreticians and experimenters were in long march, if not for the “truth”, then at least for the border and deeper understanding of the real world (Naughton, 2012). Main Body

Paradigm shift was created and systematically demonstrated by a famous American scientific philosopher Tomas Kuhn (July 18, 1922-June 17, 1996) in his influence book -The “Structure of Scientific revolutions” in1962. The concept of the Paradigm shift is the central to Kuhn’s philosophy of science while he supposed to use this to describe or sketch the real science in different fields rather than the interesting in the history of science and philosophy. Paradigm includes three important parts. The first part is the clearly statement of the basic disciplines and the assumed theories; the second part is the standard method which is can apply into the different type of situations and the last part of paradigm is some the some general metaphysical principles and provisions of methodology. A mature science is dominated by a single paradigm. In simple terms, the contents in textbook can deemed to be the paradigm. Kuhn defines the multiple concepts of paradigm from different aspects, levels and perspectives. However, some people did not notice this feature of Kuhn’s point instead using their own point to explain their problem which leads to some deviations on the paradigm shift. Nevertheless, regardless of the praise or criticism, the analysts and supporters have similar point: Kuhn's ideas were revolutionary (Fuller, 2000). According to the Kuhn, paradigm shift has two different meanings. One on side, it means an ensemble which combined with the common conviction, value and technology of a specific scientific community; on the other side, it refers to the elements of this entirety which are the particular questions and answers. There, these specific problems and solutions are actually the exemplar (Kuhn, 1996). Paradigm is the theory of coordinate or compass. Because it determines people’s viewpoints, resolves that which problems should be allowed to present while ordains how to respond these special questions as well as put forward the plans to solve such kind of issues and procedures (Kuhn, 2003). In addition, Kuhn suggested the normal science means study surely based on the past achievements that some typical scientific ownership recognizes for a time as supporting the basis for its farther experience. However, with the further research, more abnormal phenomenon crisis and scientists...
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