Kudler Fine Foods Information Systems

Topics: Information system, Information systems, Information Pages: 2 (742 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Kudler Fine Foods Information Systems
David Apilado Jr
Aug 23rd 2010

Kudler Fine Foods is a company that provides the highest quality gourmet foods as well as the tools to prepare these foods. Kathy Kudler started her business over 12 years ago and it was grown from more than just an idea to a very successful one-stop shop for your gourmet needs. Kudler Fine Foods has much potential to be one of the worlds’ leaders in the delivery of gourmet food and essentials, but if the company does not have the right information systems then the company will not achieve much. Kudler Foods state that they bring all the different items of the world into one location for the people to enjoy. The company states that they must travel far and wide to bring these items to their store. However, Kudler fine foods cannot do this without a sophisticated information system to rely on. Taking all of this into consideration, Kudler Fine Foods needs an information system that can handle all of their needs, which is critical to the processes of the organization. These needs include a centralized data base and infrastructure to integrate into the company which consists of a network of associates, vendors, and other agents that bring all the processes into one location and to every store. The company also needs advanced hardware and software to accommodate accounting and purchasing needs. Lastly, the company needs a strong information system that addresses the security and financial success of the business so that no personal information or records can be released to anyone without access. The structure of the organization needs to be like a circular model that is seen in many organizations. Information is fed from the end-user where opportunities, data and new instructions are handed out. With this data it is then set for processing where the opportunities can be met, the data can be processed, and the instructions can be followed through. The processing stage of the structure...
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