Kudler Fine Foods Information System Analysis

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Kudler’s Fine Foods Information System
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The management of Kudler’s Fine Foods is interested in integrating technology into their business operations. Kudler’s Fine Foods Management has appointed an accounting firm to look into their information system and provide them with a brief of how to implement the needed changes to it. The management of Kudler’s Fine Foods believes that an upgrade of the information system they currently have would benefit their accounting operations.

The accounting firm discovered many troubles in the current information system for Kudler’s Fine Foods. While investigating Kudler’s Fine Foods’ key business and accounting needs, it was determined that they are in need of many changes. The main things that need to be addressed are: Kudler’s Fine Foods needs someone to help out with ordering and bookkeeping, They also need a plan for keeping money in the stores safely to eliminate extra fees incurred by the bank delivering money to each store daily, and the stores need to be networked together by use of computers to alleviate the need for Kathy to make trips to each store. Kudler’s Fine Foods can save money by making changing some of the day to day activities. Acquiring a large time lock safe for each store and not having the local bank deliver funds daily would save money from the bank fees. Each store could make a nightly deposit from the sales and keep a small amount of cash in the drawers. This will reduce the chances of theft and it would also make accounting for money easier. Next, Kudler’s Fine Foods could hire or promote someone to help do the ordering as well as check the inventory. This would allow Kathy to just review orders and give the final approval on them every week before they are sent out to the supplier. Since taking ordering and inventory checking out of Kathy’s hands would give her extra time, she could...
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