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Kudler Fine Foods Human Resources

By fdordz Oct 16, 2010 456 Words
Human Resources Information System Analysis

Fernando Rodriguez


September 13th, 2010


Kudler Fine Foods is a company composed of a workforce of approximately 100 employees divided in three different locations. Each office handle manage their own employee’s data base. The timekeeper and attendance records are done manually that causes errors and time consuming. Kudler Fine Foods requires a timekeeper analysis process for finding a feasible solution for the company.

Human Resources Information System Analysis

Kudler Fine Foods started with one location and relatively small workforce employees. The company decided to use QuickBooks to organize the finances and intuit to manage employee information. Employee information includes:

Personal information
Pay rate
Personal Exemptions for Tax Purposes
Hire date
Seniority date
The process of employees fill out time sheets are done manually and the information is concentrated in one place. This process worked well although the information was concentrated. With opening two new locations Kudler Fine Foods started to have problems with handling information. Because each locality has its own database of employees, monitoring information together becomes very complicated. Each store manager has all of the employee files for the Employees in the store. Because to the limitations of human resources Information System (HRIS) currently used by Kudler Fine Foods is the most feasible solution the acquisition of a new software system and administration timekeeper. There various Programs on the market that Complies with the conditions. One is TimeForce. A software-based time and attendance system that allows to collect and organize employee time data simply and accurately. Among the advantages are TimeForce easily and efficiently track employee time, manage time and attendance data and employee profiles, eliminate buddy punching, track employee time from home, the worksite, and multiple locations. TimeForce provides that employees clock in using time clock hardware, time and attendance software, remote devices (like phones, or PDAs) that promote the employee self service through the use of Internet technology. Another of the features that are included with the software TimeForce is the interface for third party payroll system in this case QuickBooks. This presentation is very important because it may use the QuickBooks’s employee data base without affecting the operation of the system. To end a very important advantage is the availability of tested one-one online training courses using web-based technology.

Definitely TimeForce package is very comprehensive for the size of the company Kudler Fine Foods. In TimeForce website is a demo that can see for a more detailed analysis. Kudler Fine Foods will continue to show growth and need for better management of the most important resource: The workforce.


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