Kudler Fine Foods Data Table Analysis

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The company Kudler Fine Foods supplies the freshest ingredients and the tools enabling their customers to become a gourmet cook. They are a specialized food store with a worldwide selection of vegetables, meats, wines, and cheeses. The stores are owned by Kathy Kudler, and today continue to grow with high expectations offering their customers the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience. Ms. Kudler opened her first store in La Jolla, and after a five-year plan, opened her third store in Encinitas. She is committed to providing her customers with the best selection of fine foods and great wines. Evaluation of the design elements

The Inventory Table contains the components that make up an Item. It is used for managing inventory and determining the availability of ingredients that go into prepared items, such as bakery products, etc. First, the table organizes the financial data into department, then financial account codes, item, and then sums the total amount of transactions for the code and then counts how many quantities of the items were in inventory during the period. Second, I think that this design maximizes the visual and informational presentation for the financial data. Given this design, the user of the information can readily identify what items belong to a certain department, and how many items were in to arrive at the total cost for a particular item for the period. Third, given the presentation of the total amount and quantity on hand for an item, the information user can easily calculate the effective average purchases price for an item. .

Entity Relationship Diagram
The following diagram (1-1) is entity relationship (E-R) diagram and it illustrates the existing data tables.
Diagram (1-1)

Recommend improvements to the data tables
The data tables, specifically the Pivot table, may be improved on by arranging the codes chronologically. This would facilitate easy...

References: Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization. Retrieved September 10 , 2009. University of Phoenix
Resource, ACC-542 course material.
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