Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods,
My team and I would like to present you with new accounting system. We feel that Kudler could benefit from a newer redesigned accounting system. Being in control of your finances is the most important part of any business. With managing three stores there can be a lot of transactions to keep account of. Three stores with three very different transactions every day, these transactions can consist of incoming sales, store outside purchases, inventory, payroll, etc. To keep three different stores in constant order without going over budget can be tough. With this new account system you will be able to keep all the sales together for the three stores, same with the store outside purchases, and all inventory purchases separate per store yet in order so you can understand how much you have ordered upon what you are selling.

One of the new key features in the system will track all incoming sales in one place for all three stores. The system will hold each stores day to day sales and by how they were processed; cash, credit card, debit card. The system will track all sales and separate them in each store by each way processed. We feel that having a system that tracks each sale and how it was processed will be make the company understand how to manage money smarter. We are not saying that you don’t know how to manage money but by seeing how it’s coming in will help you to understand where you can put more out, to bring even more in.

Another part of this system will show all your outside purchases. Outside purchases we don’t pay a lot of attention to. When a small company much like yours is in need of a small outside purchase there are times where we don’t remember where the cash has gone at the end of the day. The new system will allow you to right then and there add the purchase into the system and it will log it by that store and how much cash was used to do this purchase. Now knowing exactly what’s coming in and what little cash is going out...
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