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kuala lumpur

By princessbrock Sep 22, 2013 2426 Words
This essay would be regarding my field trip to Kuala Lumpur. I will be covering the essential aspects of this trip, the experience and motivation behind it all, and what the trip means to me. My theme will be onl family bonding. My dad is a business man and he is always running up and down Hong Kong, china, Vietnam and Singapore. I hardly get to see him of late and this short few days made me realize how it brought up even closer together and cherish the time with everyone. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysian is the capital and most populous city in Malaysia. Since the 1990s, the city has played host to many international sporting, political and cultural events including the 1998 Commonwealth Games and the Formula One Grand Prix. In addition, Kuala Lumpur is home to the tallest twin buildings in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, which have become an iconic symbol of Malaysia's futuristic development. Kuala Lumpur is the sixth most visited city in the world, with 8.9 million tourist per year. One of the major tourist destinations in Kl includes Petaling Street, KL’s bustling chinatown which I visited as well. 4th July its 1345pm and I just got in the cab with my father. It looks like its goanna rain soon. I am rather excited as this is my first time travelling with my dad only. I wonder if its going to be fun? We have reached Changi airport. I haven’t had lunch so daddy was in DFS getting some stuff while I headed t starbucks to get myself a little meal before flying off. A Grande Green tea cream with white chocolate pudding & warm signature double chocolate muffin. Simply perfect. Our flight is at 1600. As we make our way to gate 26, it was already raining. Favorite weather to catch a snooze in the plane. I noticed everyone in the plane looked excited and was dressed well. I took the usual window seat while daddy was next to me fast asleep. I was already missing everyone at home but also looking forward to the trip. 1730 we arrived In Kuala Lumpur and took the KLIA Ekspress. It is a link from Kuala Lumpur international airport to KL sentral, the city air terminal and other raid transportation. There were many malay, Chinese and Caucasian in the arrival hall with us. I am guessing they are locals coming back to Malaysia and tourists. And plenty of prepaid card booth. I immediately told my dad to get one for me and with a wifi feature. Because I cannot really get around without my phone and bitsy social media. The vendor were very kind, helped us to program everything properly. Not to mention friendly and very helpful too. And they did give us some tips getting around which was pretty handy. Hence I I came to a conclusion that Good customer service is vital and it also reflects on the brand and country itself. 1813pm. We were finally out of the 40 mins in the KLIA Ekspress. There were a lot of wild greenery. Next to daddy and I was a Caucasian couple. They were reading maps and had a KL handbook too. After getting out of the skytrain, I realized that there was a group of policemen chatting heavily and wearing berets. Unlike Singapore policemen who were more serious looking. And also that everyone was dressed conservatively except me. I was in a pink drop off shoulder top and blue shorts. Fell so out of place. 1825pm we are waiting to take the metro train from KL sentral to pasarseni. It was only 1 stop away. I asked the father what’s there to do there. He said he will be bringing us to Petaling street; Chinatown of Kuala Lempur. Petaling street was bustling. My fatherwanted to bring us to his favourite authentic penang laksa place. We passed many shopping streets selling imitation bags, shoes, eyewear etc. I got quite excited as I spotted a few pretty hairclips and accessories and I asked the father whether we could come back to shop. He replied “of course. Why not?” I beamed. I was also pretty psyched about it because it was my first time shopping with him after a long time. We got to the authentic Penang laksa stall that was tended by 2 olded women whom we placed our orders. Penang laksa and minced meat dry noodles for me. I was looking forward to it as I was famish and the smell was heavenly. The Penang laksa was a huge bowl with generous amount of fish meat and my noodles were simply delish. Next we ordered a curry assortment and chendol. After which dad brought us to this famous tau foo pushcart. All I thought was what could be so special and famous about tau foo fa. Beancurd will be beancurd. But the old men with the little taufoofa cart proved me wrong indeed. It was really smooth, breaks and slides down your throat instantaneously and the taste was divine. I wolved down two bowls. 1855pm we started to roam the shopping streets. I realized that the shop keepers are malays and bangladeshies. It was really an odd sight so I asked y father why the case is and he said that because they are cheaper to hire. Makes sense. I bought two beautiful hair clips at rm 4. What a steal. It will cost SGD 10 here. We got some singlets and sunglasses for fun as well. 2215pm feeling really tired just got back. How nice it feels to be in an airconditioned room lying in bed after a long day. 2230 done bathing and applying skincare. It is raining outside and my face condition looks patchy. Its always the case whenever I travel. I wonder whether is it the change or surroundings and climate? There are voices going on below. My dad and his sisters are catching up as I slowly drift off to sleep. Goodnight world. 5th july. 925am daddy, aunt Christa, uncle Kenneth and I just left house. I felt tired and hungry. Eyes are abit swollen. It has been quite a while since I got up so early and I am not a morning person. 930am traffic is heavy and the adults are talking about facebook. My aunt is in a late 60s and she uses facebook as well. The power of social media is really great. There was this huge mee sedaap billboard and I wonder it this brand iconic In Malaysia. Would love to try it. 1000am we have finally arrived at Foong Foong restaurant for their Ampang yong taufoo. We drove all the way here to savour the reknown Kuala Lumpur’s Yong TauFoo. My parent are Malaysian so its good to reacquaint myself with KL and its speciality. The place was crowded and operates from a single storey bungalow. I was really excited from the drive here as daddy and aunts were raving about the place and how cool the place operates. I heard that a man will announce the table number and food required over a microphone. It is really true and I find it innovative and super interesting using a mike to make orders. Apparently it is a practice passed through tradition. It is a open kitchen concept so anybody can see how they do it. No hiding of cooking processes or unhygienic practices. Yong tau foo is basically vegetables stuffed with fish paste and deep fried. The fishpaste are made fresh with superior quality. The kitchen has also 3 sections. One for cleaning and cutting vegetables, second for stuffing and lastly frying. I really enjyed my meal there. We ordered a huge platter of ytf, a bowl of meatballs and beancurd skin. They really screamed utmost freshness and good handmade quality. I will definitely gladly go back there for another round of Authentic Ampang yong tau foo. 1053AM we are heading back to aunts place after getting some groceries. Coffee, chocoalates ad eno fruit salt. Daddy went to the pharmacy to get me cotton wool as I mentioned it to him the day before that I have forgotten to bring cotton wool along and I need it to remove my make up. It was very sweet and thoughtful of him to remember it. 11.18am and I am home editing pictures from earlier delish lunch to instagram and facebook. After which i whatspped mummy to update her as she is in Europe. 135pm being called downstairs. Uncle bought steam dumplings. It was the best dumplings ever. After teatime, I took my lappy out and went to youtube to listen to some songs to kill some time, and the funny thing is the advertorials on youtube are Malaysia related and in malay. I was amuse and bewildered by the fact. It suddenly crossed my mind if I were in japan, will all the ads be in Japanese? Food for thought. 720pm we left house to meet the rest of my 6 aunts for dinner at Restoran Jin Ho steamboat. Its been a 3 years since I saw my aunts and it was a good catch up for everyone. The steamboat was fantabulous. I absolutely love kuala lumpur’s food. 845pm after dinner daddy brought me to check out the nightmarket! It was opposite leisure mall and I was really looking forward to it as my dad say nightmarkets in Malaysia. Indeed it was. They were selling hair accessiories, applicances, contact lenses, makeup, old school toys, apparels, eyewear, food, CDS, etc. it was like a huge bazaar! Vegetables and fruits were being sold too. It was literally a nigh tmarket. The toys that were sold there were old school as well. From the 70s to the 90s. it really brought back a lot of good memories. What caught my eye were cakes! There were gorgeous yummy light and fluffy. With a wide variety of them. It was just aesthetically pleasing. We couldn’t help buy to grab few loaves of them. Daddy spotted my childhood favourite “ah pong” pancake too. I was so happy! I bought rm 8 of it. Like 20 pieces. I got myself contact lenses, 20 boxes of handmade false eyelashes, eye lash glue and hairclips. i saw this really cute pair of rainbow dipdye denim shorts, my dad caught me staring at it and bought it for me. It really made my night. 10pm aunt Christa came to fetch us home. 6th July

5.03pm aunt Esther made her signature beauty herbal soup and got me down to drink. So aunty Esther, aunty Connie, aunty Susan and aunty Christa and myself had some delicious herbal soup together while we talk about life, love and family. I love this authentic togetherness. It really fosters natural and emotional bonds and brings everyone closer together. We proceeded to the living room and watced a hong kong drama together. I realize that catching a show together really bonds everyone. As there is a lot of interacting, talking and laughing in the process. Shortly after my dad’s brother and his family came over as well knowing we are in KL. We had dinner together and long hearty talks. Aunt susan suddenly made a comment that night too. translated “Our Lew family is either eating or talking eating or talking” I burst out laughing too knowing that it is very well true. 7th july 0725am woke up and lying in bed. It was the time to head back Singapore. I was filled with mix feelings. I started thinking about the last few days, reminiscing it all. 0803am just had breakfast. 0818am I felt sad. The cab was here to fetch me to the airport. Will be leaving alone as everyone will be heading to Genting and I have to give it a miss as I had school the next day. The streets are empty as I made my way to the destination. I missed all of them already; my family. 0837am I reached Corus hotel. I was abit too early as my bus would only come at 9am. Feeling quite bummed I sat at the bus stop. 9.03am there was a stream of causasian students around my age who came to the bustop with their luggages and sat along with me. I counted and there was like 22 of them. I also realized they are in groups. The “nerds” will be together. The “popular and good looking ones” are together. The “arty farty” ones with funky hair and graffiti kinda jackets are together. I was curious so I asked a girl beside me is she from and she said Australia. I began to strike a conversation with her and asked what are they here for and apparently they are here for a field trip as well. They were at Singapore and for a few days at Kuala Lumpur and now heading back to Australia. I told I was from Singapore and here on a field trip to Kuala Lumpur as well. We chatted for abit and the Australian students left for their 0900am coach. I wish we could have a class fied trip as well. It looks really fun. 1000am I was in my bus Aeroline with my detox tea with honey and lemon and egg toast which I got earlier at a local cafeteria.t 1012am the bus left. I absolutely love the seats at aeroline. I remember the seat being able to recline very far behind. It is spacious and soft chair even more comfortable than taking a budget plane. 1115am the bus got colder. I regretted wearing shorts. And some light lunch is being served. I fell asleep shortly again after. 2.45pm I reached the Singapore custom. It was very fast procedure for me as I had a Malaysian passport. Boarded back on the bus and we finally touched Singapore streets. The first feeling I had was Singapore is very clean and modern. However I am missing my hometown Malaysia already. It all felt like a dream, and am Aeroline is bringing me back to reality now. There is school and work to be done. 316pm I felt refreshed and recharge and am looking forward to the next trip again. Goodbye Malaysia, hello Singapore. My touristic experience would fall under The recreational mode, as there was many forms of entertainment for me and I certainly did enjoy my trip and it restored my physical and mental power. The trip rejuvenated me. And I am a starry-eyed idealist. I tend to see perfection and refuse to face the reality of life in it, including of its shortcomings. 2200words

Petaling street

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