Ku Klux Klan

Topics: Ku Klux Klan, COINTELPRO, Southern Poverty Law Center Pages: 5 (1977 words) Published: September 15, 2013
They were the most violent, terrorizing group to be active in the Civil Rights Movement. Or you might know them as the KKK. Over time mostly every person in America .or possibly all over the world has heard of the monstrosity of a group that is the KKK. The topic of the Ku Klux Klan and their actions is always a complex one to address, but it is always interesting and surprising. From the beating, to bombing, and of course their infamous white robes and masks. However, there was more to their history than just those things. You have to start at the very beginning of their time to fully understand the Ku Klux Klan.

Most people just skip maybe the most important fact about them; when and where were they originally founded? The KKK originally started in Pulaski, Tennessee by six young men (1). After the group the group began to aspire, the first chosen leader, Nathan B. Forrest ,was chosen to be the “Grand Wizard(7).” He was a confederate general and was the leader of the hierarchy of the Grand Dragons, Titans, and Cyclopes (8, 3). The first legend of the group mostly consisted of confederate generals (3).This group only lasted just under about ten years from their start in 1866 (8).Their reign wasn’t quite over yet, though. It was 1915, in Atlanta, Georgia, when William J. Simmons decided to revive the Klan (7, 8).After making their comeback in the 1910’s, their memorable deeds began to try and make a name for themselves .While doing this, the group gained a reputation, but not in the way that they had hoped. Because of this, the group lasted longer than the first era, but diminished in 1944(8).Not long after peace, for the most part, returned to the South, the Klan made yet another upcoming. The Klan began again in the 1950’s -60’s as an independent club (7). It is not known where they began again but most likely was started in the South (7). Their uprising was because they believed that, with the Civil Rights Movement happening, there was too much desegregation (7). The terror eras’ of Klansmen ended in the early 1970’s, but they soon started a few years later and are still active to this day (8). Consequently, one of the most discussed topics of the Ku Klux Klan is what their main intention was. They began as a harmless social club for confederate veteran (1). At first waging campaigns of terrorism and hatred towards blacks was all the group was known for (1). Their main purpose was to bring back the “Old South’s” way of life (1).It was also their goal to restore white dominance and nationalism in the South (7). In the beginning, the Klan intended on keeping the group a secret for unknown reasons (1). As it was supposed to be kept secret, they tried to make the group as outrageous as possible (1). The Klan had no actual sturdy structure outside their local club (7). They dedicated their work to an underground campaign of terrorism and violence towards both black and white Republican leaders and voters during their Radical Reconstruction to restore white supremacy (3). During these times, the Klan did not start out with violent acts; yet as a vigilante group threatening their way to things without following through (7).Then they rapidly began coming through with such threats and began murdering African Americans, and even going to the degree of killing white southerners trying to help them(7). With such acts, the Klansmen decided to wear masks and robes to try and conceal their identity, and to spread their usual terror throughout towns freely without restriction (8). They were trying to bring what they thought was right back to the South for proper living for all whites (7). However, violent acts of the KKK are probably the most notorious reasons they are as famous as they are now internationally. Most people know about the basis of what they did, but they don’t know quite all of it. It started in 1867to 1868 when 10% of legislators, who were African American, were targeted during the KKK’s Reconstruction (3)....
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