Ktm (Malaysian Railways)

Topics: Rail transport, Kuala Lumpur, Rail tracks / Pages: 11 (2637 words) / Published: Feb 5th, 2013
Rail System in Malaysia

1.0 Executive summary

This write up specifically discuss about one component of the Malaysian transportation system, which is the railway KTMB (Keretapi Tanah Melayu). This entity is about 120 years old in transporting people and goods. Being a son of an ex-KTM train driver and had been traveling with my family to various locations I have witnessed the progress of KTMB for all these years. This paper explains if KTMB is still relevant and the core of Malaysian transportation system. As consumers become more sophisticated, they demand the right services at the right time, right price and at the right place. Today, the major challenge that KTMB faces are loss in revenue. This can be overcome if KTMB is willing to enhance the traveling time from one point to another point. They should also consider increasing the number of trips on various important destinations. For example, traveling by express train from KL to Butterworth will take from 6 to12 hrs whereas express bus takes about 5 hrs. The frequencies of the departure for the bus are also on hourly basis whereby as for the train it is only one trip a day. If only KTMB could turn around their priorities they could be the 1st choice of transporting from cities to cities. Page number 10, explains how KTMB’s actions gain the confidence from the public by reducing the waiting time and by increasing the speed of the trains. KTMB plans, design, make and deliver the needs of today’s generations. While doing so, KTMB may find ways of meeting the needs of all the stakeholders equally. In page number 8 & 9 we could see if KTMB will be able to sustain in near future and the action taken. Problems arise when railway land are being sold to housing developers where the residents need to vacate to newer place. With the high power modern trains, more electricity energy is required to drive those engines. Will that erode our future environment for the sake of making more profits? Finally we could see

References: http://www.thesundaily.my/news/192621 14.1 KTMB losses http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/litee/malaysia/article/ktmb-recorded-rm1.45b-in-losses-up-to-2008-says-audit-report/ 14.2 The following figure provides a map of the KTMB railway network (Figure 1)

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