Topics: Psychology, Time, Visual perception Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: November 9, 2013
Mert KARABELLİ, Necip Fazıl KARAKURT, İpek KAYAN, and Duygu PAMUKÇU made a presentation about the Porsche. I have watched this presentation and I have analyzed it in this report. They have found a relative failure about their firm “Porsche”. As I understand, Porsche had a competition with the Volkswagen and they wanted to buy some of this firm. Oppositely, situation acted in a very different manner, so that, in finally Volkswagen had bought Porsche. This was an enormous strategic fault. In general, the presentation had some mistakes and some of the speakers seem to read the notes in front of them. This situation created a negative effect on audience. Actually, audience thought that speakers do not prepared yet, so information would not be so interesting. Although this action created a negative effect on audience, after a while, we saw that they have great evidences about the subject, and they were well prepared. They support their ideas by convincing evidiences. I think, the only big weakness was to look at the notes, more than looking audience. Only one speaker had tried to eye contact. Scope of the presentation is very obvious and clear, also. They did not give more details about the firm. They have distributed the work load in a good manner, so all of the speakers knew what they should explain. Beside of this, I also found the group very successful while instructor directed his own questions to them. As they well-prepared, they have approached in the different ways. I think, their overall strength was this. I want to mention about the group’s time issue, also. When they started to speak, I had started the time and it was 11 min. when they end their presentation. I think they were successful about time issue. They did not present their subject in a very hurry way, they have given enough time for audience to analyses what they said. One think that I was not satisfied is their visual objects. They prefer to put the founder of firm’s...
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